41edFz3k3eL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_For children up to the age of 12 and their parents/guardians. Tapping Away The Blues is based on the technique of energy tapping (sort of like acupuncture without needles). It includes 14 lovable characters with varying issues such as; peer pressure, fear of public speaking, divorce and bullying. The issues are explained in child friendly poems incuding how each character copes and overcomes their problem! The book also contains easy to follow instructions on how to do this amazing technique so you and your child can tap along!

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“A wonderful gift for children and adults!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Susan Vos

Jayne’s book is delightful. She brings the gentle healing art of “tapping” to children in a captivating and insightful way. The stories, together with their very colourful illustrations, are ones that any child and adult can relate to. Each one of us experiences hurts, fears and anxieties during our lives. This book shows us and our children that there is a wonderfully simple way in which we can help ourselves. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Jayne Ferreira resides in southern Ontario, with her husband and two children. She is a Family Addictions Counselor and a level 3 Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Energy Tapping). Having worked with a large number of children and teenagers, it is of no surprise her first book is for them. She strongly believes in instilling positive beliefs, hope, ambition, and optimism in all children and teens. She promotes positive change and knows from professional and personal experience that letting go of past hurts and traumas is truly a possibility for any individual. She is also an advocate of strengthening and reinforcing the parent-child bond.


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