Tau Ceti: A Ship from Earth (first of the Tau Ceti trilogy) by George T. Hahn

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Book Description:

In the twenty-third century, Earth has colonized planets of three stars. Pitcairn, the second planet of Tau Ceti, twelve light years from Earth, is the most successful. A peaceful world, isolated from Earth by its distance, Pitcairn is visited every twenty years or so by a supply ship crewed by new colonists who have endured the sixteen year trip.
When the Asimov arrives, it brings change to a world kept static by Terran policy for two hundred years. To deal with the changes, the colonists will have to confront Earth, but first, conflicts rising within the colony will have to be resolved.
This novel is the first in a series chronicling the growth of Pitcairn from a quiet backwater to an independent world defending itself against the manipulations of interstellar politics.

Web site: www.tauceti2.com
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A modern Sci-Fi Adventure”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Donna M Lee

The author took the time from page one to create and explain the people and their characteristics so you knew them on this planet away from Earth. I connected and could see of them in their walk of life on another planet so many years in the future. Mixing science, romance, technical terms and family ties, I felt the book was exciting and captivating! I also loved the bigger print for an easy read. I recommend this book as a good read that will hold your interest waiting to see what will happen next. And yes, a cliff hanger at the end for the next book. Can’t wait till his next book comes out to continue the journey on “Tau Ceti: A Ship From Earth.”

About the Author

George Hahn is a retired software engineer with degrees in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. Married with two children and three grandchildren, he lives near Sacramento, California. Tau Ceti: A Ship From Earth is his first novel in a planned science fiction series.

On the author’s inspiration for the story:
On a visit to Old Sacramento with my family, we visited the Wells Fargo museum. A display about the Wells Fargo wagon and its importance to pioneer settlements caught my eye, and I thought about how much more isolated a settlement on another planet would be. The result is this series about the colonists of Pitcairn, the second planet of the star Tau Ceti, twelve light years from Earth.

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Tau Ceti: A Ship from Earth (first of the Tau Ceti trilogy) by George T. Hahn Share
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