Teacher’s Obsession by M. R. Kelly

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Book Description:

Jaycee Collins thinks she has a perfect life—until her husband dumps her for their pregnant au pair. How can she provide for her child with an incomplete college education? Jaycee grits her teeth and goes back to school to make a better life for them. She’s hoping to get good grades and better job skills. The last thing she expects is the sexy professor who takes her breath away… right before she spills the contents of her purse, including her vibrator! Can life get any more embarrassing?
Dr. Megalos Thessalonis knows he’s not to be involved with a student. And yet, whenever he’s near Jaycee, he finds himself sporting a hard-on, and it’s getting harder and harder to fight his growing attraction to her. Then, on an archaeological dig, what began as a wet dream becomes a reality that can cost him his career.
Can he save his job and also win the heart of the woman he has come to love?
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“Teacher’s Obsession”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Candace H.

Thess and Jaycee met the day of her first archeology class. The attraction between both were there except they weren’t supposed to act upon it without repercussions.

Several errors, but good book.

About the Author

M.R. Kelly or Mel to her friends and family. She is a freelance writer who relishes the challenges of creating innovative worlds with finesse and attention to detail. The paranormal has been a way of life for her from early childhood and delves into her past experiences living in a haunted house in Mississippi. Subsequent research has expanded her knowledge of ancient rituals and folklore.
She is an eclectic reader of the paranormal with an emphasis on Southern and Celtic lore. She takes pride in her ability to read a book a day. Professionally, she is an educator with a Masters in Nursing and working toward her Ph.D. in Health Science. She maintains a Facebook and Twitter page to network with her friends, followers and other avid readers.
I want to welcome my readers to a world of Sidhé, Demons, Space Pirates, and Adventurers from between worlds and throughout the Universe. I hope you fall in love with the women and men of my novellas. Please follow me at my website: http://melliar7.wix.com/mrkelly-1 to check out my other works and sign up for a free copy of my newest novella, Demonbreun: Dark Warrior.

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