Your students aren’t reading.

They aren’t engaged in class.

Getting them to talk is like pulling teeth.

Whatever the situation, your reality is not meeting your expectations. Change is needed. But who’s got the time?

Or maybe you’re just starting out, and you want to get it right the first time.

If so, Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students is the blueprint. Written for early career instructors, this easy-to-implement guide teaches you to:

Secrets like “focusing on students, not content” and building a “customer” profile of the class will change the way you teach. The author, Dr. Norman Eng, argues that much of these approaches and techniques have been effectively used in marketing and K-12 education, two industries that could greatly improve how college instructors teach.

Find out how to hack the world of college classrooms and have your course become the standard by which all other courses will be measured against. Whether you are an adjunct, a lecturer, an assistant professor, or even a graduate assistant, pedagogical success is within your grasp.


“Dr. Eng has created an accessible, evidence based guide to effective college instruction that will be particularly valuable for relatively new faculty members who are coming out of graduate programs where there were limited opportunities to teach.”

– David H. Monk, Dean, College of Education, Penn State University

“The practical strategies in the book is what’s missing in higher ed. No other book helps college instructors with such step-by-step detail.”

– Allan Ornstein, education professor, St. John’s University, former Fulbright Scholar, and author of 65 books and 400 articles

“A great resource for college instructors who are interested in excellent teaching–accessible, practical, and full of actionable research-based suggestions.”

– Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education, University of Kansas
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“Highly recommended for ALL teachers!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

A great book! Very instructional, easy to follow, with detailed steps to get your students more engaged during class. Dr. Eng realizes that students will produce so much more when they are engaged, interested, and feel that they have choice over what they are learning. I like how Dr. Eng connects his marketing background and k-12 teaching experience to his teaching at a college level. It makes sense. You need to know your audience/class before you can engage them and keep them engaged. There are many principles that are familiar to K-12 teachers that will benefit professors in the higher education environment.

This book has a nice structure with each part flowing into the next. This book is meant for college professors, but I feel it would be beneficial for teachers across all grade levels. There are many great tips that you can try out in your classroom. I think back to many of my college and graduate school classes, and wish that my professors had read this book and implemented what Dr. Eng suggests in this book. This book WILL improve your teaching!

About the Author

Norman Eng is a doctor of education (Ed.D.) with a background in teaching and marketing—two areas that relate to lecturing, presenting, and engaging audiences.

As a marketing executive, he worked with clients to realize their communication goals in the pharmaceutical, insurance, pet, and retail industries. Norman learned one major lesson, something he discusses in his book, “Teaching College.”

He applied this lesson to his teaching as a public school elementary school teacher in the early- to mid-2000s, where he was nominated as one of Honor Roll’s Outstanding American Teachers.
As an adjunct assistant professor for local colleges in the City University of New York system, Norman realized that much of what he gained as a marketer and as an elementary school teacher held true for college instructors: Students—whether undergraduate or graduate—need to see the value of what you are teaching to their lives. With consistently high student and departmental evaluations in two separate colleges every semester, Dr. Eng hopes to share what he has gained so far from these three industries—marketing, K–12 education, and higher education—with the larger community of higher education instructors, whether they are graduate students, adjunct lecturers, assistant professors, or beyond.

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