Tears Are Only Water

by James Kleiger (Author)

In numbers' embrace, Carmine seeks truth; shadows hide silent faces.

Book Description:​

Who is the face at Carmine’s window, and why won’t she let him sleep?

You must read J. Herman Kleiger’s psychologically textured mystery to find out. Tears Are Only Water entwines a complex and twisty plot with the raw journey of breakdown, healing, and transformation.

“With its suspenseful plot and eccentric characters, Tears Are Only Water simultaneously instructs and delights, like all powerful art.”
––Dr. Jeffrey Berman, Distinguished Teaching Professor, SUNY–Albany Psychoanalytic Memoires, Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

Carmine Luedke, a shy, narcoleptic bookkeeper hides from the world and comforts himself by reciting arcane mathematical equations and proofs. Unable to stay awake during the day, he works through the night balancing the books. But suddenly, the numbers aren’t adding up….

One fateful night, an unexpected and shocking reunion with a long-lost friend he believed to be dead sends shockwaves through Carmine’s carefully crafted routine. She arrives with an urgent plea and vanishes into thin air, leaving him with more questions than answers. Desperate for clarity, Carmine’s life spirals into chaos, and he withdraws from the world, struggling to make sense of it all. His self-absorbed older sister, a battle-hardened deputy, and a wise Navajo Elder all attempt to reach him, but the question remains: is it already too late?

Just like Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night and Nelson’s Bound, the characters grapple with their emotional scars, forcing readers to ponder whether it’s better to confront their past or bury it.

Download Tears Are Only Water now to find out if anyone can help Carmine uncover the identity of the face at his window and discover the truth about himself.

“Far from a “who dunnit,”Kleiger delivers a page-turning novel about a man’s desperate cry to be heard amid the fear of drowning in one’s silent tears.”
—Jed Yalof, Psy.D., Professor Emeritus, Immaculata University

About the Author

James Kleiger (Author)

Born and raised in Denver, I journeyed from the Rocky Mountains to the New England coast. Eventually, I discovered that psychology and psychoanalysis satisfied my interest in the private struggles and conflicts that make us human. People and their stories have constantly amazed and inspired me. I’ve authored and edited six professional books on psychological assessment, the Rorschach Inkblot Test, psychoses, and bipolar disorders. As a practicing psychologist, my passion for listening to people tell their stories ripens with age. Unable to resist the play of imagination, I published my debut novel, The 11th Inkblot, in 2020 and Tears Are Only Water in 2023. Writing fiction provides a space for exploring ambiguities, deciphering intriguing psychological concepts, creating quirky, interesting characters, and humanizing their struggles and resiliency.

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Deftly written complex psychologically layered thriller that encompasses trauma and healing with richly imaginative characters. Highly recommend.