51GoaCnaDUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Remmel Kell was named the CEO of Account Force USA, the largest franchise of banks in the United States. To the public he seemed to be a charismatic and highly educated entrepreneur. When he gave a speech or did an interview everyone stopped to listen. Yet those close to him knew Remmel had a very morbid obsession. He would target single mothers with two children. Then brutally murder them one by one in the order of ascending age. It was the perfect ratio and order, until, of course, he messed it up.

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About the Author

Ever sense I was young I was an introvert, someone who had trouble getting there words out. Someone who didn’t have many friends. But I always had some sort of story going on in my head. It was a place in my mind that I could go to get away from reality.  I would sit there and try to understand the thoughts behind others actions. For instance, what is the thought process that drives a serial killer to commit multiple murders? And what is the victim thinking in the last fearful moments of their life? What do they see? What do they feel? Then one day I stated to write it down.

I started publishing my work on iBooks just to get it out there. As of today I have 116 downloads, but my dream wasn’t downloads. It was having hard copies of my stories on shelves at bookstores. 

As of today my latest book, Angel in the Fire, is being sold at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.com. I truly hope that you, the reader, look through this website and check out my work. 

Love to all,

Sterling Emmal

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