61OpbxX0aQL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Four hot temptations — dangerous in all the right ways

Paying her way through college isn’t the only reason Tasha works the all-night shift at the convenience store. She has a secret, a hidden need to push the boundaries of small town life, and late at night is the best time to do it … in the store beside the interstate highway … where strangers, just passing through, are the only customers, the only candidates for what Tasha desires.

Four men will change the course of Tasha’s life, and they’ll do it Behind the Counter, Between the Aisles, Inside the Cooler and Against the Wall. She can’t stop until she pushes her luck to the breaking point.

Includes all four stories in the Risky Hookups series, and one bonus story.

Explicit language and sexual situations suitable only for adults
This collection is approximately 72,000 words long, 240 print pages

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“More Tasha please!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By vtecbaby

I loved all of Tasha’s stories and especially the last one.

I’m sad to see the series end. Tasha is such great heroine. And the stories are sexy.

Ms. Stiles is definitely becoming one of my favourite authors. All her stories feature strong heroines and hot heroes.

And her writing is brilliant. Stories you fall into and never want to leave.

This is a must read!

About the Author

Anwen writes daring, sensual tales for adventurous spirits. She prefers heroines who actively pursue what they want, and heroes who want to fulfill their ladies’ dreams. No wilting, helpless virgins in these stories, unless the heroine is pretending to be one for fun.

She writes sexy romance, paranormal/fantasy and erotica. She has also written a BDSM erotic romance series, “The Power to Please,” under the name Deena Ward.

When Anwen’s not tapping away on her laptop, she enjoys hiking near her home with her favorite canine companion and hanging at the local coffee shop with friends and family.

She lives in the USA.

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