Terror Australis

Now, out of place and time, Ried must navigate through a world rife with conspiracy, betrayal, and corruption. Can Ried draw on his past military experience to keep himself and his new friends safe?
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Book Description:

In 2013, Sgt Benjamin Ried served with the Australian Army in Afghanistan. In September 2014, a disillusioned Ried drove through Western Queensland toward another new job.
Then after an incident, Ried discovers he is over two hundred kilometers northeast of his last location, near the Kingaroy region in 2021.
“This is all wrong.”
“What is?” Abbey asked.
“Everything,” Ried replied. “Wild nomads, modern-day Romans with guns, swords, and motorbikes.” He gestured outside. “Deserted farms left to rot, roads and bridges in ruin…” He turned and slumped against the window frame. “It’s just wrong. The whole bloody lot of it.”
Can Ried draw on his past military skills and learn the diplomacy of Gladius and carbine in an alternate Australia, decades after an apocalyptic war. A world now governed by the Roman Galactic Empire and rife with conspiracy, betrayal, and corruption.
Will Ried survive to keep, himself and allies, safe from new and different enemies? All with one desire; Ried’ extermination.
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In this alternative universe aliens have invaded Earth and have taken on the persona of the Roman Empire. Nothing is said of why that happened or where the aliens came from. Does it matter? Maybe not. This is an interesting story line but it is not well developed.

-- Craig Pearson

About the Author ▸ AJ Adsett

AJ is an aspiring author and playwright based in Brisbane, Australia. Back in 2015, he wrote his first one-act play, which AJ also directed and went on to win three awards. In 2016 he penned another one-act drama which in 2018 also garnered him several more accolades in local S.E Queensland Drama festivals, including one for best-unpublished play. AJ’s fondness for writing and his other hobbies has been influenced by science fiction, in its many formats extends back to the first Australian broadcast of Dr. Who and Star Trek. He also enjoyed reading Verne, Wells, and Asimov through his school years and beyond. When AJ’s not writing or reading, he works as a full-time store manager along with spending time and traveling with his wife Sandy, their dog Jack and visiting their grandsons. Amongst his other activities, he and Sandy can often be seen frequenting the local live theatres or cinemas and spending hours assembling model kits – Science Fiction kits of course. AJ is also a tempered adventurer, which has seen him climb, trek and camp in Thailand and throughout D’Aguilar range in Queensland and northern New South Wales. He even rode a horse amongst the mountains of New Zealand and if you threw him from a plane with a parachute; no problem, because he is a qualified skydiver.