Terror on the Deseret Trail

As Reuben Taz leaves a wake of corpses on the trail to avenge his father, those being pursued ponder whether a serial killer is redeemable and worthy only of extermination.
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After reading hundreds of comparable stories, I cherished this western novel's plot, characters, and theme. They are all remarkably thoroughly developed in my opinion. With Terror on the Dessert Trail, you have an immense mixture of evil versus good, and an adventure one will never forget or disregard. The volume is saturated with action-adventure and historical fiction: For instance, Hannah Monroe is joined by a gathering that incorporates an intriguing Arapaho princess, a transsexual Pinkerton analyst, a puzzling mountain man who is the proprietor of a mysterious gold mine, an exceptionally short previous sheriff and bazaar comedian, an injured Irish leprechaun, a hypocritical underworld, and damnation minister, and the reckless canine, among others. Additionally, Reuben Duty secures his devotees and seeks after the proceedings. The very famous Mark Twain, Porter Rockwell, and other remarkable characters join the experience. I love how this mixture panned out around the plot and theme. Very ingeniously written. Indeed, I wish to mention and make note of the fact that one of my favorite adventurers and writer from this period, is none other than Mr. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) himself. This was my favorite feature of the book. And if that was enough, Ban groups, Indians stretching out of control, goliaths, and Mormons looking for plural spouses convolute issue. So much fun. The massacre the undertaking experiences on the Deseret Trail is past their faith in the profundity of what the ill-disposed man is prepared to do. As Reuben Taz leaves a wake of carcasses on the path to vindicate his dad, those being sought after, consider whether a chronic executioner is redeemable and commendable just of eradication. Overall, what I loved about the story is how condensed and effortless it was regarding following the book. And you need not know what transpires in the premature stories composed before this one. I highly suggest getting this book and affixing it to your repertoire of additional awesome book collections.

-- Chris Mentillo
Book Description:

Reuben Taz, son of the late serial killer Asmodeus Taz, vows to track down, torture and kill those responsible for the death of his father. Like father, like son. Reuben Taz is also a psychotic, cannibalistic, and sexually deviant serial killer. Reuben Taz discovers information pertaining to the demise of his father via a factual dime novel entitled “Hornswoggled at Hell Creek.”Hannah Monroe, the beautiful paleontologist from Philadelphia, embarks on another expedition to recover dinosaur fossils, this time in the Deseret Territory. She is joined by an eclectic group that includes an exotic Arapaho princess, a transgender Pinkerton detective, an enigmatic mountain man who is owner of a secret gold mine, a very short former sheriff and circus clown, a crippled Irish leprechaun, a sanctimonious fire and brimstone preacher, and the prodigal dog, among others. Reuben Tax acquires his own followers and pursues the expedition. Mark Twain, Porter Rockwell, and other notable personalities join the adventure.Outlaw gangs, Indians running wild, giants, and Mormons seeking plural wives complicate matters. The carnage the expedition encounters on the Deseret Trail is beyond their belief in the depth of evil man is capable of. As Reuben Taz leaves a wake of corpses on the trail to avenge his father, those being pursued ponder whether a serial killer is redeemable and worthy only of extermination.

Jack Hazen (Author)
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