It’s payback time. Finally the wives get to go on a tour of their own.

Maggie has never been on a girls’ trip, unless you include a WI visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. Her hairdresser is astounded. He never had her down as ‘that sort of woman’. She has no idea what he’s talking about.

Tracey needs a break from her husband, Simon. She doesn’t know whether she still loves him. He’s not sure that he can trust her. Can a few days apart get their marriage back on track?

Lucy’s going. The problem for her husband, Steve, is that there’s a photo from the last boys’ trip that could land him in the divorce court.

Two days and far too many Jägerbombs. What could possibly go wrong?
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A funny and entertaining read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nicki

A funny and entertaining read. We all know people like the characters in this book………. I loved it! Thanks Sam!

About the Author

Sam Derbyshire was raised in Oxfordshire, graduated from Aberystwyth University, and now lives beside the beautiful Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands. A battle hardened survivor of bringing up three boys, on realising that she was never going to be a Dance Mom, she instead qualified to coach junior football, cricket and golf, worked for several years in Sports Development and now claims to be an expert on all things manly, including the offside rule. The men in her life fiercely debate that claim as well as her ability to coach anything.

While writing this bio, Sam asked her husband and son to describe her: complex, feisty, easily irritated, rebellious and opinionated were some of the more complimentary replies. Her best friend, however, offered glamorous, witty and intelligent. That’s what friends are for!

Now resigned to receiving one- word text messages, talking to brick walls and not being allowed to take herself seriously, Sam desperately tries to see the funny side of life, especially now she’s the wrong side of fifty. Joining a writing group a few years ago, as an escape from her testosterone fuelled world, she won a short story competition with her short Turning Worms, had a few pieces performed on local radio and was then encouraged to try novel writing. Her first novel What Goes on Tour was the result. She enjoys writing about characters with real life issues that readers can relate to and is also an aspiring screenwriter and a member of Scottish Screenwriters.

Striving to stay fit and healthy in order to enjoy the empty nest freedom that is now on the horizon, Sam enjoys being tortured by her personal trainer, loves yoga, plays a reluctant but sometimes reasonable round of golf and couldn’t live without her Nutri Bullet, hair straighteners and the occasional Martini.
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