That’s Another Story by Tomas Berlin

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Book Description

Sir Artola Douglas William Blye, known, all over the World as ‘Art.’ The most famous British footballer that ever lived and the youngest recipient of a Knighthood.
Art Blye played for just three Clubs in his football career, Arsenal, his boyhood club, Barcelona in Spain, where he became the first £1 million a week player, at the tender age of 18. He returned to what he considered his roots, Cape Town, South Africa when his four-year contract in Spain expired. He retired from football in 2022 after the World Cup triumph, just 25 years of age

Both his parents were Nationalised South Africans, killed in a terrorist bomb blast, when he was just three years old. Art was discovered two days later in the cellar of the house, severely injured but clinging to his favourite bear. His parents owned and managed a high profile Chicken business, which dominated the huge demand for their quality chicken products throughout the Country and beyond. They ran a successful Charity for homeless people, building low-cost housing with the profits from ‘Chicken and Lips.’ It was too political for some, in particular, the EFF, who saw the Charity as a threat to their Political ambition. Ambition, which wanted those living in poverty to become their troops in the planned revolution.

Art had a beautiful wife, three gorgeous children, and wealth beyond comprehension. He was good looking, a genuine smile capable of igniting any room, a calm, articulate speaking man, a sponsors dream and flattered by the UK Prime Minister’s demands, for him to become a roaming Ambassador. Welcomed by A list Celebrity in every corner of the Globe, his ‘Brand’ exploded across Continents.

After retiring from football, his income stream could not be halted; he was a billionaire who had everything. Idolized by youth, adored by young single or not so single girls, he had the trappings of stardom that outsiders craved, a mistaken assumption this was the holy grail of life’s reward. Money, fame, several large houses in USA, France, and Spain, as well as the rebuilt house his parents owned in Constantia, Cape Town.

He crossed every divide of humanity.
He had Freedom. Freedom not to have to worry about anything, ever again.

However. ‘That’s Another Story…’
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About the Author

Born in Herne Bay, Kent, I spent my teenage years in the famous seaside resort of Margate.
I moved to Spain in 1973 buying a bar, two of the best years of my life and many references can be found in book one. I also lived in Cape Town, South Africa which was another crazy adventure, lasting close to 2 years. Both experiences gave me a wealth of stories to tell, and enhance, and laid a foundation for my life ambition to write a book.
I sent most of my working career in the car industry working for both of the large Swedish car companies reaching a senior level. Learning from the Swedish way of life was really beneficial and I learned a great deal about quality of life from these connections.
Later I took over a small football club in London and used the business and customer service skills I had l developed throughout my career, to build the teams from 9 to 40 inside 3 years. The club was the first to take kids into their training academy at the age of 3 and this was a really exciting and rewarding venture.
Coco’s Story started out as one single book but I could n’t live without the characters I had created, and book 2 started very soon after following favourable comments from those who read my first edition. Often writing for hours and hours, usually into the early morning, I finished books 2 to 5 within 8 months. The final book took me 3 months and several moments of anguish, as I crafted a dangerous scenario surrounding the fragile state of World peace.
From book one, ‘the early years’ a slightly raunchy account of young life in the sun, to book 6 set in 2025, which will have you guessing the end, it makes solving Rubik’s Cube look like a simplistic game of snap.
I live in North London and have 2 sons aged 21 and 22. I was divorced 15 years ago and my sons have been my obsession in life and my driving force. I owe them a great deal.
I am more than happy to correspond with readers and look forward to hearing your views. Please do not hesitate.

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