The Ace’s Bounty

by – Jason B. Baker (Author)

The Barber Brothers’ First Adventure

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Book Description:

Struggling to make ends meet after returning home from the Civil War, Elijah and Moses Barber set out on a journey to seek justice and revenge against a man who haunts them in Chicago To Appomattox author Jason B. Baker’s debut western-style justice-seeking adventure, The Ace’s Bounty.

After returning home from the Civil War with a dark cloud of failure hanging over their heads, the two brothers, with no family, no prospects, and only their horsemanship and marksmanship to rely on, are desperate for a way out – until a chance encounter with a U.S. Marshal offers them an unexpected opportunity. Taking on the role of lawmen, they use their cavalry experience to track down a bank and train robber while trying to find their place in the rapidly changing world.

Follow the brothers as they face danger, justice, and revenge on their journey across the Midwest. With its quick-moving action and historical references, The Ace’s Bounty is sure to please fans of Ron Schwab’s wild west stories or Robert Vaughan’s tales of justice. Don’t wait – buy now and join Elijah and Moses on their adventure of a lifetime before the price changes!

About the Author: Jason B. Baker

Jason B. Baker is the author of the non-fiction Civil War book Chicago To Appomattox. Now he uses his research of the Civil War era to write classic adventure novels. His stories focus on finding justice while putting his characters in historically accurate scenes of the period following the Civil War. An Illinois native and career military officer, Jason and his wife and young sons live in Virginia.

He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former National Security Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

When he isn’t reading or writing, you can find him following Chicago and University of Illinois sports, hitting lousy golf shots, seeking a great meal, or touring historical sites with his young son. An Illinois native, Jason, his wife, and two young sons live in northern Virginia. You can find him on Instagram @Jason_Baker_Author. You can also visit

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