Welcome to the beginning of a series of intriguing stories following the adventures of two young brothers and their pets, Club and Diamond, along with their family and friends. ‘Wanted’ introduces you to the brothers, Jack and Adam. Summer holidays are fast approaching, and with the holidays comes a sinister adventure into the strange world of a wayward scientist who inflicts his cruelty upon the most innocent inhabitants of Willows Town. With a mixture of excitement and humour, Jack and Adam follow a summertime adventure, discovering that not all is as it should be in their neck of the woods.
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Excellent, exciting book which makes children want to read again.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John B.

One of the best children’s books that has been written in a long period.

About the Author

Anthony Broderick loves creating worlds and imaginative characters to fit inside them, with stories and adventures which will provoke thought, show a wealth of determined refinement and demonstrate how not everything needs to be as it appears in the real world.
When he’s not teaching or writing in County Mayo – Ireland, Anthony commits a large portion of his time updating his social media resources as well as running competitions for the most important people which are his readers. Keep up to date with what’s happening with Anthony on social media using the linkedIn and Twitter links below.

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