Emergency! Calling Officer Bob! Calling Officer Bob! Police Officer Robert T. Billingsworth III (Officer Bob, for short) is the little town of Dillington Borough’s favorite police officer. Along with his team of helpers including Medic Max and animal friends like Mortimer Mouse, Officer Bob keeps the town safe and protected. This book, written by retired police officer Gregory White, presents a great example of service and values to young readers. Gregory’s goal is to inspire children to “do the right thing” so your child is the Star of their neighborhood! The stories are just as fun and intriguing as the morals behind them, and are intended for children all over the world to enjoy and cherish.
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About the Author

Gregory White’s amazing journey began June of 2005 when he was involved in a car accident while working as a police officer. He had suffered significant injuries, including a serious closed head injury. For many months Greg was at home recuperating. Being at home, he was able to spend valuable time with his three young daughters including a newborn. Due to his physical limitations, however, he was not able to do simple things that a father can do: he had difficulty picking up his children or even playing catch. Yet, he was lucky to be alive. Feeling like he must contribute in some way, he began writing a children’s book for his young daughters. To his amazement, they really enjoyed it – and he felt more complete as a dad. Writing was also good cerebral therapy. After recovery, he decided to make writing a part of his life. Now, Greg is beginning the third book of the Officer Bob series with his illustrator Leanna Conley. Now retired, Gregory still has a passion for the law, doing what’s right and helping his community. His goal is to help children make good decisions in life by choosing to “do the right thing” so your child is the Star of their neighborhood! Along with his wife Kristin, daughters Briana, Emma and Isabella, he is actively reaching out to children all over the globe to teach the important qualities of Safety, Kindness, Confidence and Integrity. He believes “Every” child can grow up to be a solid citizen and responsible member of society. Watch his quick tips on Youtube, Facebook or invite him to speak at your school or function. Share his vision for a better world.

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