Say hello to Peggy Spaghetti, a fun-loving little girl who loves to explore and learn new things. Her hair, name, and favorite food all have one thing in common: spaghetti!
Come join her on her many adventures.
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“Great Story!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Renee

I purchased this book for my 3 year old and he loves it! This is a cute story about a girl that eats a lot of spaghetti (which my son finds quite funny) but along the way she also washes up, brushes her teeth, takes a bath etc, and so it’s great for my son to see good hygiene reinforced. My son made me read it 3 times in a row before bed the first night we had it and usually he wants different books so Peggy is a hit! Hope there are more Peggy books to come!!

About the Author

Introducing the first installation of my book series “The Adventures of Peggy Spaghetti.” The name actually originated from an ex-coworker with red hair named Peggy and when she walked her hair would bounce so if you have an imagination like I do it looked like she had a bowl of spaghetti on her head . So I used my daughters look , she had a look of a wild hair spaghetti eating kid.  Peggy will be delivering every life skills from brushing your teeth for the appropriate time, to using good manners, cleaning up after yourself , washing your hands before and after you eat And also lessons on how to handle bully situations. As a single father of a son and a daughter I’ve experienced the up and the downs raising children. So all my experience in a series with Peggy Spaghetti and friends facing new adventures and more.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and at the age of five my journey to America began. My passion for writing  has brought me this far to publishing my very first children’s book . My love for my two kids have inspired me to create this fun-loving, adventurous little girl named Peggy Spaghetti. So join her on her many adventures to come.

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