The Adventures of Sabrina Michaela: Me and My Big Sis by Katie Cocca Berk

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Book Description:

First Book in “The Adventures of Sabrina Michaela” Series.

Sabrina Michaela is a 4-year-old black girl who is growing up with a big sister that is white. Sabrina would ask why is she brown and Melanie is tan? This book reinforces the idea that God created them equally as little girls and sisters. The story has descriptive words, rhyming phrases and full color illustrations to show how their bodies work the same way and can do all the same things. The book has a positive message that teaches children it is our similarities that really matter.

Focuses only on skin color with a positive message that promotes acceptance, inclusion and equality.

Cultural Relevance:
This book aims to empower children at a very young age and encourage them to see beyond skin color. It fosters feelings of belonging and acceptance. This book was written not only to fill a literary void, but also to help bridge the gap in today’s racially charged climate.

Sample Text:

I have two arms and so does my big sis.
God made my arms brown. God made Melanie’s arms tan.
We wrap our arms around our dolls and hold them oh so tight.
We use our arms to show we care when we hug goodnight.

I have ten fingers on my hands, and so does my big sis.
God made my fingers brown. God made Melanie’s fingers tan.
With our fingers we paint, but we make such a mess.
So, we pick up our paint brushes to finish the rest.
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“My new favorite children’s book!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Christina

I LOVE this book! I bought one for each of my nieces and nephews. It is important to teach inclusivity to kids and this book helps do that. Kids are going to see the difference between “tan” and “brown” skin but the author shows this is the same as having a different eye color, and compliments it with all the similarities between the sisters. The book also touches on adoption and would be a wonderful gift for any family with adopted children.

About the Author

Katie Cocca Berk is an Indie Author of multicultural children’s picture books. Katie was blessed to be able to know the joys of being both a biological and adoptive mom. Being the head of a blended family was her inspiration for this book.

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