The Adventures of Stephen Curry The Children’s Book

What challenges did Stephen have to overcome? How did he manage? How did he prevail? And how did he get so good?

Teach Your Child the Power of Perseverance and Believing in Their Dreams with The Adventures of Stephen Curry

How did a young boy grow up to become a sports superstar? That’s the most important and inspiring question that The Adventures Of Stephen Curry will answer.

Stephen Curry is a professional Golden State Warriors basketball player. He’s considered one of the greatest shooters of all time but his journey wasn’t always easy. He was told many times that he was too little and too weak to play at any level. The Adventures of Stephen Curry will show you the world through a young curry’s eyes who wanted to be an amazing basketball player just like his dad. What challenges did Stephen have to overcome? How did he manage? How did he prevail? And how did he get so good?

In The Adventures of Stephen Curry, you will discover:

  • 22 Page Beautiful illustrations that add to the emotional appeal of his entire story.
  • A motivational story that both girls and boys will enjoy.
  • Even more importantly, kids will relate to the protagonist and his struggle.
  • Important lessons to teach the kids about chasing their dreams and overcoming limitations.
  • Fun, easy to understand language that’s suited to the needs of primary school kids and even some preschoolers.
  • An exciting sports theme – could anything be more engaging for active little boys and girls?
  • Easily understandable moral of the story.
  •  A Full biography that hasn’t been presented so far in a children’s book.
  • Perfect gift for any basketball fan.
  • The only Stephen Curry children’s book that artwork looks like Stephen Curry.
  • Bonus page full-illustrated timeline of Steph Curry’s career.

And much more.

The Adventures of Stephen Curry will quickly turn into a bedtime favorite, especially if your child is dealing with some hindrances standing in the way of their dream. This book will be the building blocks for your child’s self-confidence at an early age.

On top of that, illustrated books provide wonderful bonding opportunities. Cuddle together each evening in bed, read the lovely story and explore the beautiful pictures before kissing your little one goodnight.

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