dscfsdCapable of carrying hundreds of passengers and crew members, the elegant airships have become the preferred method of travel and are the crown jewels in the Airship Ministry. But one of the airships is now a target for greedy pirates.

As darkness descends on the Melbourne, pirates hijack the ill-fated airship. Passengers and crew are thrown into turmoil as they become unwilling pawns in the hijackers’ ransom demands.

The Airship Ministry is desperate to resolve the crises before any of the hostages are harmed—and before their stock prices plummet further. They decide on a bold plan and send Captain Thomas Lelaray of the airship Artemis to negotiate. Lelaray makes contact with the pirates and with his secret compliment of marine commandos is prepared to retrieve the hostages at all costs. But what appears to be a simple rescue mission quickly becomes a struggle to survive as disaster looms.

From the streets of New York and London, to the burning deserts of Libya. Lelaray tries to tie the clues together, to ensure the safety of the hostages and the success of the mission.

With help from the beautiful marine lieutenant Jess Yamato, Lelaray finds himself torn between love, duty, and survival.

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“Really enjoyed this book’s suspenseful nature”

Five Star Review on Amazon By D. Rosenfield-Davis

Really enjoyed this book’s suspenseful nature. It has some very cool steampunk science fiction qualities to it. It was a real page turner, and I could not put it down. I loved it from start to finish and I cannot wait to read more from Chester Quinn in the future.

About the Author

Chester Quinn lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Kris, and their dog, Jaxson. Quinn, an avid hockey fan, also loves taking to the outdoors and searching the American Southwest for adventure, while researching the legends and stories that make up its history. Cover art by Jordan Saia

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