The Alligator Dance

A Dance of Death, Romance, and Murder

A Dance of Death, Romance, and Murder

Visitors hiking Manasota State park in Florida are horrified to discover the partial remains of an apparent alligator attack. Finding evidence of poaching, Park Ranger Seth Grayson and Florida Wildlife Commission Officer Liz Corday are determined to find out who sent the victim to his death.  The poachers will stop at nothing to protect their illegal profits. The body count mounts and threats are made, putting Seth’s and Liz’s life on the line.

Realizing they are attracted to each other; emotions get complicated for Liz and Seth. Is it only catching the poachers drawing Seth and Liz together, or is there something deeper and more lasting?


“What other authors and wildlife officials say about, The Alligator Dance”

Spalding combines mystery with a little romance skillfully in her eminently readable style. – Author DL Havlin, winner of 14 writing awards including 5 Royal Palm Literary Awards

An exciting tale of greed and corruption and what it takes to protect Florida’s endangered animals and those that fight for them. –  Susan Klaus – Award-winning author of the Christian Roberts Thriller Series.

Brenda Spalding’s attention to detail in her research is flawless. A thriller that will keep you turning the pages to the very end. –  Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Officer Bill Robb