The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life

Then and only then can we live our best lives.
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Book Description:

Have you dreamed about living your best life? The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life brings together for the first time a parallel between the laws of chemistry and human relationships. The author provides the reader with a plausible theory and understanding of how and why relationships form and end. Using each letter of the alphabet, with nature as its backdrop, the author skillfully uses metaphors to intertwine human behavior with the philosophy of the universe to traverse the life journey along the Alphabet Circle.

The Alphabet Circle is our life journey. The author theorizes that every life encounter happens somewhere on your Alphabet Circle and comes together based on soul chemistry. Upon meeting, the souls form soul-to-soul bonds, the connections for relationships to deliver an experience. Soul bond energy with coded information for your journey is released from these interactions. You must then connect at the soul level to understand these messages, which are the key for an exciting, enjoyable, and fulfilling journey for your best life.

The Alphabet Circle concept offers that human beings have a dual existence. We have a physical body and a soul with complimentary interactions at the human and soul level. The physical level interaction happens in the head, which is where our ego operates. It is logical. On the other hand, the soul level connection is what we need to understand as we move to a level of consciousness where we let go of ego to bond at the soul level. Then and only then can we live our best lives.

The book offers a one-directional Alphabet Circle. The author uses an active style to bring the book to life and offer through each letter of the alphabet tools for the journey.

I really liked this book! Maxine Wright-Walters uses the Bible, Chinese proverbs, and psychological strategies to impart wisdom to the reader. In today’s polarized world, it’s a rare gem to find someone unafraid of look at another philosophy to strengthen their point. Cross pollination of ideas is a good thing! Wright-Walters affected me in a personal way, which you will see. There is good advice for you in her book as well! The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life encourages the reader that happiness is up to them. I loved the saying that anyone can make heaven out of hell, or hell out of heaven. I’m in the military, and it reminded me of the time a fellow Airman complained of a trip to beautiful Puerto Rico, because it was bright, the water was too salty, and the sand got into everything. True story! Another good quote, “When soul-to-soul bonds are broken, coded data are released in their bond energies.” Unfortunately, I have felt that many times. As a father and firefighter, there are opportunities to strengthen or tear down bonds every day, because I live so close to others in both circumstances. The two ways that came to mind are through yelling and gossiping. Yelling is a direct way to strain the bonds of a father-child relationship. Although my ratio of hugs to loud words are 100-1, I realize they still are damaging. Firefighters spend countless hours together, like a family. A dysfunctional family at times. There are people who hate each other who have to count on each other in stressful situations. As a result, there’s always a sour current of grapevine talk to get sucked into. I try to stay away, but I’m not perfect. I’ve felt a twinge of guilt after I see a friend that I’ve talked about. Thankfully, every day is a new opportunity to improve. Wright-Walters insists the past is not yours to change; we can only affect things in the present. Great advice to live by! Wright-Walters encourages the reader to discover their life’s purpose through believing life is a quest. Finding your quest gives you a reason to set meaningful goals in your life. To me, it said finding your soul’s quest is more than building up as much treasure as we can before you die. Great life lesson! There are a few (very few), grammatical errors throughout, but they didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. I thought I should add the comment in order to give the most honest review. The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life is a well-written book with a purpose: to improve the life of the reader. I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone searching for wisdom and sound advice.

-- Dean Vargo

Maxine Wright-Walters (Author)

Dr. Maxine Wright-Walters is a scientist who loves nature and people. She is also a certified behavioral coach and consultant who focuses on teaching and helping people to live their best lives. Upon meeting her you will notice her positive and bubbly personality. She is a public speaker and an encourager who believes that we can all live our best lives. The multi-talented Dr. Wright-Walters is a member of the Squirrel Hill Writer’s group, and the owner and director of a consulting firm, specializing in Environmental & Public Health Consulting, Environmental Data Validation. She was born on the Island of Jamaica and lives in Pittsburgh with her two sons.

Then and only then can we live our best lives.

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