When Nick Nicolaou suffered his first panic attack, he was told by doctors that he would need medication to correct this and that there was not much else he could do about the problem and so they sent him home.
But the next morning, he had another panic attack, and from that moment he knew he was in serious trouble as he could not control or stop the attacks. Over a short period after this event, he developed generalised anxiety and agoraphobia followed, and he was having panic attacks every day. His friends thought he was going crazy.
It took a lot of work, but after years of research, he discovered how to fully recover from his anxiety and now he helps others to recover from their anxiety too. Years later when he faced probably the most stressful event of his life, which was his divorce, not for one moment did inappropriate anxiety ever find its way back.
In this self-help guide, he shares his life story and his Anxiety Elimination System, which can also be used to cope with and overcome depression. The book is filled with good information including tips and lifestyle changes that help speed recovery.
Filled with the latest neuroscience research highlighting the causes of anxiety, phobias, and depression, he provides reassurance and guidance that you can use to take charge of your life, overcome past traumas, and approach each day with a positive attitude.
As an ex-sufferer, he knows exactly what it feels like to have anxiety and he knows exactly what to do to reverse it It’s one thing learning about anxiety disorders but it’s quite another living with anxiety and beating it.
Overcome intrusive and anxious thoughts, panic and fear, and escape the troubles that are chasing you down with the Anxiety Elimination System.

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