The Apostate is a whistleblower’s account of the Deep State Better Business Bureau’s awards racket that funds a covert seditious anti-American new world order agenda. The author alleges that the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) launched a specious integrity awards program in the year 2000 to overcome the BBB franchise’s stagnant growth and organizational insolvency, which resulted in marketplace sovereignty and globalist conquest. BBB awards were designed to promote members, disparage nonmember competition, and support the CBBB through awards-gotten revenue money-laundered as “bureau dues.” Consumers are exploited and hoodwinked by phony BBB awards; the public is not told that awards are not evaluated and based on an honor code. In fact, awards are distributed to only members and won through best answers to applications’ ethics’ questions; and there is no on-site verification process to validate members’ responses. The BBB’s awards program is a successors’ remix of predecessors’ Prohibition-era “Before You Invest, Investigate” securities program that contributed to the Stock Market Crash of 1929. During the Roaring Twenties, the NYSE filtered “$50,000,000,000” billion dollars in worthless securities through the New York Bureau’s bogus investigative program. In 1932, U.S. Senator Duncan Upshaw Fletcher (D-FL), later Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency (Pecora Commission), indicted the Better Business Bureau, NYSE, and Investment Banker’s Association “as the greatest racket ever known in its history.” The author won several BBB awards for her former employer. After winning the most coveted Pinnacle award in 2008, the con artist employer entrapped the author in consumer fraud. The author reported the employer to the CBBB and Houston Better Business Bureau, but was vilified, targeted, and persecuted. The employer was sued by the author for employment-related claims, but the Houston Bureau allegedly hijacked her private lawsuit, fabricated felonious charges, and bribed the District Court judge. B-men attempted to imprison the author to bury her damning testimony and evidence that threatened to ruin the BBB’s pristine scam buster image and awards’ cash cow. And the Houston Bureau manipulated court strings delaying the author’s trial while rigging another trial’s verdict involving defamation to use against the author. After procuring a favorable ruling, the Houston Bureau immediately green-lit the author’s trial and segued its attorney into legal proceedings to fabricate counterclaims of slander, breach of fiduciary duties, and conversion/theft. The Apostate reveals FDR’s indoctrination of the Better Business Bureau into the Deep State in 1941, whose Truman-inspired footprints begat the CIA. Today, the Bureau is an autonomous nation state that hides its militarized operations behind a humble philanthropic nonprofit facade. The BBB’s draconian digital dynasty connects to the European Union, which is currently seeding oppressive Sharia blasphemy laws throughout the world, including the United States and social media. Accordingly, the author suffered cybercrime and sabotage for years until publication. Caveat emptor has returned, and consumers must beware! The BBB is an imposter consumer advocate promoting fake monopolizing nefarious awards to finance globalist aspirations seeking to replace the U.S. Republic with a one-government NWO.