sfbdfbfdCoaches, Parents or even Players, do you feel like your high school team could be doing much better? Do you need to make a decision in regard to whether or not to play high school tennis? This book is great for any coach who feels like they need to make a change, is just getting started, or just wants some fresh ideas. Parents and Player will gain new perspectives in regard to the inner world of coaching from the coach’s perspective.

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Written by a coach with 25 seasons of experience, this is an intimate look at the techniques and relationships of high school coaches with their school, players, and parents. Along with very practical advice, there are anecdotes to inform great decision-making for you and your high school team. Coaches, athletic directors, parents, and even players will want to read this to navigate high school tennis and to share with others. Learn drills and tips to become a great tennis coach or player, and accompany the ranks of others who join the USTA, USPTA, and PTR. Note: Special Offers on other books in the back of this book!

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“Great Resource!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Greg Lumb

Bill has greatly articulated the process of running a highly successful high school program, pulling from his many years of doing just that!

As a first year high school coach, this book has been wonderful in filling in some of the unknown areas that only experience or a resource like this can provide.

This country’s high schools are one of the places our great sport needs to do a better job of introducing tennis, and this book assists those who may or may not know much about the game to do just that!

Highly recommended!

About the Author

Bill Patton is Tennis Professional and is currently coaching his 7th different high school with 25+ years of experience in the field. He has coached at several schools with many great results. Mainly, the players had a great time maximizing their games, and playing on the teams. You can listen to Bill’s Radio Blog at www.blogtalkradio.com/720degreecoaching to hear from some great coaches and learn something new for no charge.

Bill is a USPTA Elite Professional, PTR and MTM Professional. He has read over 100 books, watched over 50 DVDS, attending over 50 conferences and trainings for professionalism in the sport. “Bill is a student of the game”,
says John Yandell founder of TennisPlayer.net.

Mr. Patton is married and has two children who are heading off to college.

Bill has attempted to write books over 20 times in his life, but failed until now, and it has been through the help of a life coach, that he has understood the deep values that motivate his writing. “Essentially, it’s all about service, and my sincere hope is that you are served greatly through the material I produce. It’s all 100% authentic, every word of is true to my way of thinking. I want it to resonate with you the reader”, states Bill.

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