Katie Adams and her family move to California where her dad gets a promotion. She starts making new friends at her new high school. She soon discovers that nothing is what it seems. Realizing everything about her has been set up for her and nothing is of her choice, she learns she can’t trust her friends or her family. Katie enlists the help of an old friend from her past and a federal agent to help her escape the system. Will this be enough? Will this cost them their lives?
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“A Good Conceptual Story with a Straightforward Plot”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Carla Cilvik

This story revolves around a young girl and her desire to live her life her own way. Following a classic hero’s journey, she sets out to find a way to freedom. Along the way, she faces betrayal from friends and family, and becomes a detective of her own to try and solve a family mystery. Our protagonist Katie also seeks the help of others and is never alone. She takes what she has learned and accomplished back to those she suspects are involved with the system in order to defeat them.

Overall, I find this to be a conceptual story that seems to mirror the control modern society/government holds over us all. I find Danial’s book to be engaging and interesting- he pushes the story ahead with simple, rapid dialogue exchanges. I don’t find it to drag on. On the same hand, the story is written very straightforwardly and the timeline only moves in one direction. It will not make you think too terribly hard. A definite easy read. I feel “The Assignment” would appeal to a young adult audience, for the writing style, young protagonist, and content.

About the Author

“The Assignment” is Danial’s second book. His other works include children’s book “The Life of a Book” and coming soon “The Diner by The Lake”.

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