The Astral Sacrifices

This is a story steeped in the obvious passion of the author for "The Mountains" - the Catskills above New York - and for New York City itself.
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Book Description:

Can the paranormal be the key to catching a killer?

Alan Graubard’s supernatural crime drama, The Astral Sacrifices©, foretells a new standard in suspense!

Does the future of a murder-torn city depend on the paranormal? Two visionaries join forces with cops in a desperate attempt to solve a series of unrelated killings in this innovative whodunit.

Welcome to the New York City tristate area where a series of unrelated violent deaths are beginning to mount up. But a body count is growing elsewhere too, as employees of animal shelters, zoos, and pet shops are being mercilessly killed. Are the murders connected? Robert Crowley, commander of the Violent Crimes Division, is determined to find out. But the kind of help he’s going to need is anything but orthodox.

The FBIs are in Crowley’s arsenal, but so are psychic Justin Fuller and his mysterious mentor, an astrologer, and an innovative computer database. The team suddenly begins to notice some extraordinary relationships between the crimes, and Graubard’s story begins to twist and turn with lightning speed. Interspersed with the nail-biting suspense are gripping passages narrated by the killer himself. But even as this evildoer reveals his life story and his nefarious present-day activities, he keeps his identity secret.

Who is this deadly killer? Who and what is he really after? You may think you know the answer, but The Astral Sacrifices forms a puzzle-piece thriller, with the shocking solution not revealed until the final shattering pages. This is the first book of a brilliant new series, and waiting for the next installment is sure to be murder!

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The whole book was really gripping ... in fact it was un-put-down-able. ... it was fantastic - truly. The plot was different, very original, and incredibly well researched. But what I found really engaging was that the book led me into deeper understandings ... and the author did that with great and unlabored skill. I'm always well pleased when a fiction author can do that ... to me it's one of the hallmarks of really good fiction ... it's what separates the mediocre from the 'I want to read more' stuff. I'm always excited to be led down an esoteric pathway that's not part of my own knowledge bank, and astrology is a body of knowledge that I haven't had time to pursue except at the everyday level that lots of people pursue it... and Astral Sacrifices did that, and then some. I was gob smacked when the murders were solved, but it made perfect sense... I was very impressed simply because it was very impressive, and really looking forward to the next one ... I loved Justin and Linmer, and one of my favorite scenes was when they go to see the rabbi.... it always fascinates me when writers weave poignant scenes like that - that aren't really essential to the story line - or to the whole - they are the scenes that make this book a living work rather than just a linear development of a worthy plot.... they're the scenes that for me make the story all the more real. ... the story is way beyond lots of fiction currently in print, and rates with my favorites ... the Kellermens etc ... Am already wanting to read the next in the series, cos it's the stuff of series. I just really wanted to congratulate the writer on a superbly crafted piece of work and a truly riveting read. Lilain Duffy

-- Lilain Duffy

Alan Graubard (Author)

Alan Graubard was born in Monticello, New York on Christmas Day in 1941. Growing up in the 1950s fuelled his “show biz” urges with Monticello’s proximity to New York City enabling his introduction to the Broadway stage; the Golden Age of Television gave him a front row seat to the wonders of live TV; the many hotels in the Monticello area allowed him to see the nation’s top entertainers perform. He won a Dramatic Scholarship to Ithaca College and started his formal training in 1959. The next summer found him working with the famous playwright, Edward Albee, on the touring production of “The Zoo Story”. The following summer he was the Production Stage Manager for the touring company of “The Fantasticks”, the longest running musical in the history of the theatre. After a short stint on the staff of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he went back to Ithaca College. But wanderlust set in and he travelled “Route 66” with a close friend before settling in Los Angeles. He married in 1963 and entered the young world of Data Processing, leaving the world of “show biz” to others. His family grew in the 1960s, with the addition of two wonderful daughters, Lori and Stephanie. Alan has been in the Information Technology industry for the past 50+ years but has never lost his writing and performing urges. Alan moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1986 on business and remained there for 21 years. In the mid 1990s, Alan decided to start writing and attempted to sell some TV scripts to the Australian networks. One of the scripts, “The Psychic” formed the basis for Alan’s first book, “The Astral Sacrifices”. Alan now resides in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has resumed his writing career while still working within the IT industry. He is currently working on the second book in this series.

This is a story steeped in the obvious passion of the author for "The Mountains" - the Catskills above New York - and for New York City itself.

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