The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved by Talita Ferreira

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Book Description:

This book will help you unlock your true purpose and manifest your true destiny in the world, as well as inspiring other people to be with you or be led by you. It will show you how to define who you are and find congruence, balance, wellbeing and integration between your work and your life. It launches a new model to live and work by; the Authenticity POWER Model.

Talita Ferreira has invested her life in seeking out the deeper meaning of true happiness – by discovering and unlocking her passion and purpose – and this book will help you to do the same. Read about her unique journey and be inspired to join the revolution of authentic change.

Talita’s first book is about defining who we are and connecting to others in a different way. Although people think
they are authentic, the rapid changes in the world require a new perspective. The sweet spot is to be found where consciousness and connectedness collide and everything we do is purpose-driven and intuition-based.
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“Absolutely Must Read; a thought-provoking, perceptive and significant contribution to the world”

Five Star Review on Amazon By wendy yorke

I highly recommend you read this perceptive and inspirational new book. It’s clear and easy to read format provides us all, with a much needed new way of defining ourselves and how we live in such a complex and rapidly changing world. It gives us a unique model to understanding ourselves better and knowing how to live a purpose-driven and intuition-based life, despite the chaos going on around us. In fact, reading this book during what has been a year of transition for me, has helped me to be brave and unlock my true purpose and live the life I actually want to create, with the courage to be myself, with everyone, everywhere, all the time. This is a well-structured, beautifully presented guidebook for living in the new world; for our everyday lives, our relationships and our businesses; with a meaningful and powerful foundation. The launch of this new book has, in my view, already created a Ripple Effect of authentic change in the world, where respecting differences and helping other people – inclusively – is at its heart. It resonants with my purpose and I know it will touch the hearts of many other people – especially other change-makers – all across the globe.

About the Author

Talita Ferreira is a thought leader and change maker, who is passionate about living in true authenticity, purpose-driven collaboration and harnessing diversity of thought. As a young child she experienced two traumatic events, which influenced her life, when her father and brother died in unrelated incidences. These events triggered Talita’s personal journey of discovery, firstly to understand what motivated her as an individual and later in corporate life, as an inspirational leader, where she found it extremely important to stay true to her inner authentic self. She has written this book to share her experiences of working with thousands of leaders and teams in multiple industries during her business life and to provide her insights and learning from these encounters. Talita’s passion is in understanding motivation and self-development to bring out each individual’s best qualities. She has invested her life in seeking out the deeper meaning of true happiness – by discovering and unlocking her passion and purpose – and this book will help you to do the same. Talita is an entrepreneur, business owner and experienced executive who has chosen to step out of her more than 22 years in corporate business, to resolve the authenticity dilemma and start an authenticity revolution. She values ethics and socially-responsible business and believes in: • creating supportive organisational cultures; • respecting difference; • focusing on authenticity as an enabler for true diversity of thought and inclusion; and • fostering higher levels of acceptance for diversity and difference, for the benefit of all. Working within globally established brands including KPMG, Investec and BMW, in England, Germany and South Africa, Talita developed her authentic, inspirational leadership approach. She also developed a unique ability to nurture people, across cultural boundaries and within highly complex matrix organisations. As a qualified Chartered Accountant and consultant with KPMG, Talita’s corporate experience began in the South African banking sector before she pursued a career in the automotive and financial services industry with BMW. In 2013, she became a Chartered Director. She has an excellent track record for delivering inspirational leadership to drive business through the human capital and back office of an organisation, for introducing strategic change, developing talent and organisational values and establishing proper risk management and compliance structures. She has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce Law (Cum Laude) and became a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in 2015. She was nominated for the Business Leader of the Year 2016 awards, for the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK. Talita is an experienced public speaker and has addressed the Accenture International Women’s Day, HR Grapevine, CFO Rising, Inclusive Leadership Network, Institute of Directors Chartered Director Day, An Inspirational Journey and The Pipeline. She is a positive activist for transformational change and believes in helping individuals to grow and develop beyond their own expectations, while creating a business environment, which allows managers to be authentic, inspirational leaders. She invites you to read her book and be inspired to join the revolution of authentic change, which the world needs right now!

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