51oO0uI94PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Told from the perspective of a parent whose child has Autism, this is a heartfelt mother-daughter story about the importance of courage, perseverance and the bonds of family. Janet Walmsley’s daughter Jenny, diagnosed with Autism, faced many challenges on the way to reaching her dreams. Janet relates her daughter’s journey and her own feelings as a mother of a child with autism, who decided she would do everything in her power to help her daughter along the way. Through the support and strength of family and friends, and tapping into her own determination, Janet shows how Jenny was able to conquer the obstacles before her to reach her lifelong goals of becoming a professional animator and published author. Janet hopes that other parents and children will similarly realize that being Autistic is no barrier to embracing one’s full potential. This book is a guide to any parent with a child who has special needs. Janet highlights how her daughter Jenny is living, walking proof that Autism is no barrier to success and fulfillment.

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“It is a feel good, hard warming and inspiring story for readers and …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Janet Walmsley

This book I wrote is intended to reach out not only to Autistic Families and the Autistic Community but to everyone to show how Jenny battled all the odds and broke down barriers to live her dreams, reach her goals and have a rich fulfilled life. This came with trials and tribulations however Jenny and all the loving, caring hard working people who worked with her turned this around to triumphs and achievements. It is a feel good, hard warming and inspiring story for readers and gives insight of a family being in the heart of an Autism.

About the Author

Janet was born in Elkorn, Manitoba but raised the majority of her first 20 years in Brandon, Manitoba. She went on to live in Germany and Yellowknife, NWT. Janet is a Professional Actress and recently was in the TV Comedy Series Package Deal with Harland Williams and as well Single and Dating in Vancouver. She has written her first book about the journey of her daughter Jenny and the loving Mother-Daughter bond and trooping through many a barrier and climbing many mountains to reach to the top and achieve all Jenny’s dreams and then some. A very engaging and inspiring book for all to read.

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  1. This is a real interest of mine. I taught special education for sixteen years and had many wonderful opportunities with autism. My first novel is about a puppy raiser who has trained her first service dog to connect with children with autism. There are so many ways to help a person with autism connect to others and let their special skills thrive.
    I look forward to reading your book!
    Sheri Levy
    author of Seven Days to Goodbye

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