The Aware Leader: Self-Knowledge Is The Key to Your Success advises leaders that self-awareness is the deciding factor in their success. To be an effective leader, an executive needs to know himself or herself. This book is an accessible, illuminating personal development guide towards success for the individual and the organization.THE AWARE LEADER OFFERS TIMELY & RELEVANT SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS, SUCH AS…Success in leadership, business, and life is not just about experience, skills, or even knowledge. Success requires developing a deeper awareness of who you are, of the hidden things that can either drive you or hold you back. Effective leaders learn to incorporate deep self-awareness into their authentic leadership style, so that they can build the relationships that form the foundation of all successful organizations.Understanding and looking for the underlying experiences and values that drive you is the best way to recognize how those drivers create default settings in your personality and character. The qualities that define you are neither positive nor negative in and of themselves – instead, it’s how you utilize them. The more you know about yourself and your drivers, the more you can see when these qualities are serving you and when they are hindering you. Only then can you make choices about how to leverage your unique set of behaviors, styles, and preferences to create the results you want.The more you engage in mindfulness about who you are, what you are experiencing, and how you are relating to those around you, the more you make effective choices. Although it seems like this will take extra time or trouble, the truth is it will save you endless time and stress. All your efforts are more efficient and effective when you routinely check in with yourself and make sure your external behaviors are in sync with your internal values. If you don’t do this, you risk turning into one of the more than 50% of leaders who fail, not because they didn’t know their stuff but because they didn’t know themselves.The better you know yourself, the better you become at developing habits of behavior that promote your progress, and the better you can recognize and redirect those behaviors that might hinder your progress or threaten to derail you altogether.

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