Homicide detective Catherine Halford finds herself in a situation she thought wasn’t even possible. Faced with a gruesome murder scene in an uneventful townhouse in Chicago. In an unexpected turn of event’s finds a man that changes her world forever. As they delve into the case to find those responsible. Catherine suspects John Adams isn’t who he seems to be. Catherine must chose between the man she loves or the fate of the world to stop Lucifer’s rising.
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About the Author

Hello my name is James Richardson I live in Blacksburg, SC I enjoy writing fantasy because it gives me the chance to create worlds that makes you think “What If,”. What if these worlds that one creates within the volumes of the pages where to be real. How would one react to the environment around the, how would they react to the people living in those fantastic worlds. Would they become the hero’s or the villians of the story or neither. What if they simply left the world to its fate and walk off into the darkness of the unknown. These are all simple examples of how I see the world of fantasy. This is why I wrote to explore the mystical, the horrifying, and everything else the mind can conjure within the page’s of a good book.

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