The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life?

Are you stuck between choosing whether to quit or move on?

Previously published as The Big Dilemma by S.Chunge. The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life? is an inspirational book providing objective, non-judgmental, and empathetic tips if you are struggling with psychological pain.

Are you stuck between choosing whether to quit or move on? Do you feel trapped in misery and unhappiness? Is life unbearable? Have you had thoughts about ending it all? Or does your loved one face such a personal battle? [I]The Big Dilemma[/i] is designed to engage the reader through interactive tools. When faced with this big dilemma of whether to continue living or not, you don’t have to be alone. The book promotes the need to understand people who are contemplating suicide, those who have attempted suicide and survived, and their loved ones.

The society around us is full of negativity. Therefore, [I]The Big Dilemma[/i] is refreshing and inspirational to the reader based on the principles of Positive Psychology. The author applies the key tenets of the interpersonal theory of suicide. The theory identifies a lack of belongingness, feeling like a burden, and losing the capability for life as the three main causes of suicide. This book will give you strategies and coping skills for these psychological situations. To benefit the most from the book, participate in the simple exercises in it. They will guide you to dig deep into your mental reserves so you may regain your joy of living.

Although it is specifically meant as a suicide-prevention tool, it can also benefit you if you are going through intense psychological pain. It is about hope in struggle and victory in life.

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