The Billionaire’s Fake Marriage

I asked her to marry me to save my company, I never thought I would fall in love with her.

The Billionaire’s Fake Marriage

by – MacKenzie Stowe (Author)

(The Billionaire Series)

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Book Description:

I asked her to marry me to save my company, I never thought I would fall in love with her.

My company, my life’s work, everything I’ve accomplished is on the line.
I need to get married and fast.
It will be easy to consider it a business arrangement.
One that will be lucrative for both my assistant, Mika, and myself.
I won’t think about how this takes away the whole problem of dating an employee.
But it doesn’t take away my desire to make her mine.

My career was all that mattered to me and getting ahead.
When Ryan gives me an opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t say no.
But that was before I became his wife.
That was before I moved in with him.
That was before I started to fall in love with him.
Now I want to find a way to stay with him forever.

The Billionaire’s Fake Marriage is a stand-alone billionaire office fake romance set in New York City with plenty of heat with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers!

Reviews for the Book

MacKenzie Stowe has delivered a wonderful gift to her readers in this fake marriage romance featuring Ryan and Mika, originally business colleagues who, through a long journey, finally find true love in each other. The wonderfully crafted secondary characters, who are very aware of the love that Ryan and Mika have yet to discover, and the jockeying that they go through to help the pair finally accept their feelings is great comedy. As a first-time reader of this author I am very impressed with the plot line and the detailed descriptions of inner emotions like loss, self-esteem, doubt, hope, fear, and longing. The steamy romantic scenes are thoughtfully portrayed and add to the allure of the entire reading experience. I highly recommend this book to fans of this genre. - Mimi Dyer

About the Author: MacKenzie Stowe

MacKenzie Stowe was born in Southern California. From a young child she loved to travel and explore new worlds. When she wasn’t traveling she found escape in reading. As an author, she likes to combined both passions in her life.

She uses her experience as a SCUBA instructor, a crew member of a cruise ship and deck hand on a tall ship to help bring unique perspectives to her books.

She still lives in Southern California where she is planning her next adventure and book series.