The Bitter Sweet Life of Annie Jenkins 

by – Ann Brough (Author)

Raised in a loving, working-class, Methodist family, Annie Jenkins falls in love with Daniel, a man of wealth and position. 

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Book Description:

Set in the early twentieth century in the heart of the English Potteries, where the lines between upper-class owners and poor factory workers were set in stone, comes this saga of forbidden and unexpected love, obsession, loss, and a small sweet shop that saves one woman’s life.

Raised in a loving, working-class, Methodist family, Annie Jenkins falls in love with Daniel, a man of wealth and position. Their secret marriage was, by both families’ estimation, doomed for failure. But it wasn’t their differences that brought ruin and heartache for Annie. It may have been losing so much after loving so deeply.

Amid the turmoil of her life, she finds sanctuary working where her mother used to work and where her parents first met—an old sweet shop. Annie brings the shop back to its former glory but can this magical place work its charm and heal the bitterness in her heart?

About the Author: Ann Brough

Ann Brough is in her mid-seventies and lives with her husband, David, on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada. She has been a keen storyteller for her whole life, and ventured into writing novels at the tender age of seventy three. This is Ann’s third book and, like the first two, it is based on true facts remembered and recorded by her mother and grandmother. It is Ann’s belief that all families have stories to tell-some fascinating and exciting. She is inspired by the hardships and heartaches her ancestors experienced, and was excited to write what she knows about their lives. All three novels are based in Staffordshire, England, where Ann grew up. Ann and David have a growing extended family. With three married children and five grandchildren (now six, as their eldest grand daughter married in 2018). Everybody loves the lake and summers are filled with family, food, sand, campfires, swimming and wonderful memories. This latest book attempts to emphasize the difference between Ann’s mother’s experience, growing up in an abusive household where alcohol was prevalent and children were only tolerated, and her father’s family, who lived in the same area but attended a temperance chapel, and whose children were cherished and loved. The influence of Ann’s paternal grandmother, May Podmore, has been apparent throughout her life. For more about Ann and her other books visit

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