The Black Ledger by D.G.Allen

Chicago has been a war zone for the last 50 years.
Gangs shoot up the streets, while corrupt politicians and predatory businesses get rich by stealing from the poor. In a place fraught with danger and fueled by poverty, a young white man named Ron Pickles discovers a resilient people with an indestructible spirit. But, there are sinister forces looking to create misfortune and reap profits at the expense of people that society cares little about. Ron soon learns that it isn’t the ghetto he needs to fear, but the corrupt insurance agency that recruited him in the first place. Inspired by a true story, “The Black Ledger” is a multi-cultural/mystery crime thriller that will take you into the heart of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods and experience a life you couldn’t imagine existed in the United States.

“D.G. Allen’s The Black Ledger is a smart, often funny, and compelling look at the dirty business of “death insurance” on the West Side of Chicago. Allen has vividly recreated the time and place with impeccable detail, colorful characters, and crackling dialogue; not to mention a heartbreaking murder mystery that always keeps you guessing. It may be set in the 80’s but it is a powerful message about race and corruption still resonating today!”
– Tim Sulka, screenwriter: “Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return” Author: Prime Cuts (graphic novel)

“I grew up in the Chicago community depicted in this novel. D.G. Allen depicts a much darker but funnier side of that neighborhood that I could ever have imagined. It is a captivating and wonderfully written story. A MUST READ!”
– Debra Wright Hughes

“This novel breaks the barriers of the thriller genre. I have never read something so unique as this world that D.G. Allen has created.”
– John Franklin, screenwriter: “Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return” Author: Prime Cuts (graphic novel)

“Highly recommended! This story takes us into a world most of us will never see and into a business that most of us never dreamed existed. He writes with such skill that you will laugh one minute, cry the next, and never even realize your jaw has dropped. His characters are believable and fascinating! I became engrossed in this book from start to finish. A unique and mesmerizing novel…don’t miss it!”
– Elizabeth Benney MA. DT. CIMI, Director LTP Center
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“Great Story! A Must Read!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jonluc67

The Black Ledger grabs you in the first chapter and is a roller coaster ride until the end. Ron’s journey made me laugh, cry, and feel anger for him. I loved the twist at the end! This is a book I would recommend as a great “Summer Vacation” read. The author deserves kudos for writing, such a unique book. I don’t reread books but this one I did. If Don Allen writes another book, I’ll be first in line to buy it!!!

About the Author

D.G. Allen was born and raised on the gritty South Side of Chicago where his personal experiences gave birth to his first novel – The Black Ledger.

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