Best friends they may be, but Molly and Kate are very different individuals. Molly, a spoilt child and then an indulged wife, not only gets whatever she wants, she takes things that don’t belong to her, including other women’s husbands. Kate, fiercely loyal, has, until now, always defended and protected her friend, at the same time offering refuge to Molly’s traumatised son. Against her better judgement, Kate is forced to revisit the deaths of two men; men who had affairs with Molly. Considered tragic and accidental at the time, fresh scrutiny and new revelations trigger a disturbing chain of events that have sickening consequences. Molly either can’t or won’t mend her ways, and Kate, caught up in her own personal tragedy, is forced to draw a line in the sand. Their friendship is at breaking point; Molly has gone too far this time.
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“Keeps you guessing!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Matthew Sirrell

Really enjoyed this book. Keeps you guessing right until the end. Will definitely buy the next one to see what happens to all of the characters. Would recommend. Look out for the twist!!

About the Author

Terri Reynolds started out her career with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, where she freely admits she was a fish out of water. Born into a service family and raised, without restrictions, in rural Gloucestershire, she wasn’t prepared for the hustle of city life or the terrible boredom of an office job. She now concedes that the experience, however uncomfortable, helped her hone her storytelling skills; she learnt to observe from a distance, to listen and even to eavesdrop. In awe of the flamboyant characters she worked for and regularly shocked by the antics of the people in her boarding house, she would put pen to paper and send missives home, often embellishing the weird and the wonderful.

The characters in Terri’s debut novel, The Blame Game, appear normal. Some even seem to have it all, but scratch the surface and Terri’s writing reveals everyone is hiding a secret. Get to know them and discover the sometimes awful truth.

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