The Blind Blogger’s First Speaking and Signing Adventures: +How You Can Conquer Your Fears (Book 2)

This book is original, entertaining, helpful, and reassuring.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking a trip alone, on a tiny budget. Now, imagine taking that same trip without having sight.

Meet Max—a fearless, witty, inspiring individual who thinks nothing of traveling across the country by himself. On a limited budget, while missing trains, dealing with luggage and mobility issues, and facing unexpected circumstances, Max was determined to promote his books and become a motivational speaker.

In this second book in his travel series, Max shares wisdom gleaned from facing obstacles, teaches valuable lessons, and entertains you with stunning storytelling. Using humor and honesty, he bears his soul about the ups and downs of facing and overcoming fears and finding the positive in every situation. Commiserate with him when no one showed up at the bookstore, applaud his courage as he took the microphone and gave a powerful speech, and laugh along with him as he cracks jokes about things being so easy that even a blind guy can do them!

This book is original, entertaining, helpful, and reassuring. It’s also an incredible example of bravery as well as of someone who practices what he preaches and finds solutions instead of making excuses. Use Max’s advice as you challenge yourself to chase your dreams, reach your goals, face your fears, and attain new levels of success.

Above all, enjoy the ride!