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Four men are about to discover things are definitely not what they seem … including themselves.

Declan Makavoy, small town farmer and single father, finds out it isn’t just his thumb that’s green. Ivan Soresceau, a local reporter, who always plays with fire in life and love, is about to discover what it means to be burned. Chester Silberglocke, the ailing but sage chiropractor, finds his death is only the beginning of an atmospheric afterlife. And Vinny Pirelli, the local swimming champ, may make waves in the pool but has no idea he is the last piece in a dangerous and life-changing puzzle.

Seduction and unearthly occurrences are only the beginning in what proves to be a race against time as Declan, Ivan, Chester, and Vinny are pitted against a dark force and face unthinkable horrors as they rely on their friendship to destroy an evil beyond imagination.

Reviews for the Book

I have all kinds of feelings about this book as it runs the gamut from warm friendship to horror. The descriptions of the environment are integral to the story as nature plays a huge role in the proceedings and peaceful, serene locations will gradually start to give you chills as characters make observations about light, darkness and atmosphere. The writing can be quite matter-of-fact and then almost haiku like. This is a world of both dream and nightmare that needs to be experienced a savored. Not a book to be read quickly, but enjoyed leisurely with a favorite warm beverage nearby.
 - Susie Umphers