The Boy From Nain

by – Cy Young(Author)

The Man Of Light

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Book Description:

The year 35 B.C.: A 14-year old boy who hates God because he was born with a withered hand. Despondent and having nothing to live for, the boy constantly gets drunk with his friends in the local tavern in the small village of Nain in Galilee. One night, after getting drunk with his buddies, after they go home, the boy takes several wine skeins with him and wanders off into the Hills of Galilee where he falls asleep. In the 4th watch of the night, he is awakened by voices, peers over the edge of a hill, and witnesses Jesus’ transfiguration. Petrified, the boys runs down the hill, and when he stops, he realizes his withered hand has been healed. No one believes his story; the town stones him for breaking the Jewish law of committing blasphemy. While the boy is lying in state on the way to the burial ground, Jesus appears, revives him, and he becomes a follower of the Master.

Reviews for the Book

Poverty, a long dead father, a bleak future, this was Benjamin’s life in Nain, a small town near Nazareth in biblical times. Though his mother was hardworking and devout, for her son, God was nowhere to be found. This thoughtful and lyrical story tells about the many struggles of a young and angry Jewish teenager who felt disfigured, from a withered right hand and set apart from others, by his lack of a father. While the story can be read by middle school children, adults will also appreciate the tumultuous journey of this young man, as he goes from being a small-time thief to someone who has been touched by a divine light. The descriptions of the villages and the people in them are colorful and detailed, from the vendors hawking their wares in the bazaar to the religious leaders who were sometimes wise and other times biased, cruel and small minded. Just like now, people in those days suffered from human failings like prejudice, pride and other moral weaknesses. After a night of drinking too much pomegranate wine with local boys, Benjamin fell asleep alone on a mountaintop only to experience something so miraculous that he struggled to explain it to others. There would be many low points for him but also some transcendent ones. Travel along with the boy from Nain and watch him become not just a man but a true child of God. - Kindle Customer

About the Author: Cy Young

Cy Young’s professional career began as a dancer at the Empire Room of the Palmer House in Chicago and progressed to performances ranging from Broadway’s Upstairs at the Downstairs to London’s Globe Theater. Naturally, he first started writing for the theater and three of his plays were published by Samuel French. His short story, “The Schitzle Connection” won first prize in the Oklahoma City Writer’s Contest and was later published by Twit Publishing (Winter/Spring 2011 Edition).

His vast range of experience includes writing and producing several musicals, vocal recording for Painted Smiles Records, and “Draw Me A Circle” a song he wrote on Barbra Streisand’s Third Album. Some of his most notable performances were Divorce Me Darling in London and Once Upon a Mattress, where he played the king’s son opposite the great Buster Keaton.

As a line producer on F. Lee Bailey’s show, Lie Detector, Cy was exposed to the criminal element which provided inspiration for some of his characters and fictional storylines. During his time with the show, Cy co-produced one of the most famous segments featuring Caril Ann Fugate. Bailey interviewed Caril Ann about her alleged co-conspiracy with Charles Starkweather, and she passed the lie detector test helping prove her innocence.

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