Family Law paralegal, Lauren, leads a quiet life until her boss takes a new client with a history of abuse at the hands of her husband. Things only get stranger when Lauren’s best friend starts dating a new guy. Lauren can’t shake the feeling that something is off and in the midst of these new trials, someone is stalking Lauren. She quickly finds herself under protective custody with two of Minneapolis’ finest. Joshua King, a Minneapolis detective, is on the hunt for a killer when Lauren Donlan is thrown directly into his path, a new case for him to solve. Who is threatening her clients and stalking her? Will he find this killer before the killer gets to Lauren? He and his partner, Gus, will need to protect her from this mysterious threat, while still trying to solve another case.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Angela K Swits

Captivates you from the beginning! My anxiety level was high throughout the book, anticipating what was going to happen next. Can’t wait for the next installment of this story!

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Mother and fiance first, author second. Debut novel now for sale on Amazon. The Boyfriend.

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