The Bridge Through Time

by – Kalani Madden (Author)

A Scottish Time Travel Historical Romance (The Masters Of Overtoun Bridge Book 1)

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Book Description:

There’s no going back once love is involved…
Freya Pfeiffer has a new book to promote, a new streaming show, and many adoring fans. This is because they love dogs just as much a Freya does.
Since becoming an animal behaviorist, the young woman with flowing fair hair has made it her life’s work to help people understand what makes a dog’s mind tick. Unfortunately, Freya’s area of expertise doesn’t translate into her private life! She’s single and still looking for that one perfect man.
Could he be Sir Rory White? The handsome Baron of Overtoun Castle asks Freya out on a date. Still, it’s not just because he is attracted to the pretty presenter – he wants her to visit his Scottish Gothic castle and advise him on what to do about the mystery of Overtoun Bridge. Why do dogs try to jump over the bridge parapets?
Once she arrives at the castle, Freya is convinced that her fate lies buried between the pages of an ancestral grimoire. And despite Sir Rory’s warnings, she reads the words of a magical curse aloud and then walks outside when the thick Scottish mists roll over the bridge and a piercing whistle is heard…
1706, MacKinney Castle. High up in the rugged Cairngorm mountains, where eagles and hawks circle slowly in the sky and those same ominous mists float over the hard granite rocks, Laird Cúlan MacKinney watches the gray clouds drift by. Racked with guilt for what happened in the past, the Highlander sees no hope for his clan in the future. Is he doomed to wander forever with no woman brave enough to be with him? Seeing the shape of a dog slip through the thick fog, the lonely laird whistles.
The latest Scottish Historical Time Travel romance book by Kalani Madden is full of magic, mystery, and suspense, with a touch of steam and a lot of romance! Enjoy = )

Reviews for the Book

I enjoyed this book and only wished the extra chapter was about Frieda’s life after she married. After all the things I have read of some of my ancestors it would be nice to be a fly on the wall. - 	Marjorie

About the Author: Kalani Madden

Of Scottish and Celtic descent Kalani has always had a fascination for the mysteries of the past handed down to her through stories, by her grandmother.

Growing up on a farm in New Zealand she learned to love all animals, in particular horses. As a result of this, she had many tumbles and acquired a few scars.

As a teen, she always wanted to travel and after training as a teacher, and acquiring a Master’s degree in Education, she spent some time teaching in a bilingual school in New Zealand and then in other remote locations scattered around the world.

Her lifelong love of books has led to her acquiring a Master’s degree in English Literature which she has put to good use in the classroom where she shared her skills with students.

After covid changed the world as we all saw it, and schools closed down for extended periods of time, she decided to pursue her love of writing. Her historical fiction takes the reader back into the mysterious world of time travel and the mysteries of the past.