The Brindle

This is the story of how miracles can happen, of how love conquers all. This is the story of … “The Brindle”.
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Book Description:

A dog, trained to be a killer, whose life is one of violence where in order to survive, he is made to do the unthinkable. She, a child with Autism, is locked in a world within herself with a mother who refuses to give up despite the apparent hopelessness of her efforts. When the dog’s skills are shown on the internet, a gang leader has him brought to Southern California but unbeknownst to this gang lord, an agent tracks the animal as part of a deal with an informant. Special Agent Dominica Verez must return to her childhood city and face a demon from her past in order to find a dog that many men desire for their own designs. Fate intervenes when the animal meets a very special child and they find, in one another what each has needed. The dog and his new family are on the verge of happily ever after when a foe, more deadly than any he has faced, threatens everything. There is no limit to what he will do to protect the child he loves. This is the story of one dog’s struggle to find a heart of his in a world of greed and violence. This is the story of how miracles can happen, of how love conquers all. This is the story of … “The Brindle”.
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I am a Book Blogger and I accepted to read The Brindle from Free and Fast Reviews. I read this book thru Kindle Unlimited. If you ever watched Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks and like it, it personally is one of my favorite movies, than you will absolutely love ths book! I gave this book 5 stars because of the emotional impact it had on me. Yes, I got very angry, and once again was amazed at how evil people can be for power and money. I had the Kleenex out many times, but you will have to read the book to find out why they were needed. This book takes place about 50% of the time in Georgia and 50% of the time in California, hence, it fit into the Southwestern location for our blog. I personally own a Brindle Mini Boxer, and when the book talks about the characteristics of the Brindle being smart, I can vouch that is so true. I've had many dogs in my life. but our Brindle is certainly the smartest. I was happy to see that the Author put a warning in the very beginning of the book concerning the violence that will be in the book. I have to say at first I was a little put off with it, but it really had to e in the book to understand the plot completely. Although there was the violence part, the Author chose to leave out the vulgar language that I'm sure would normally be there.. thank you for that. After reading the book, I read about the Author's history, and Sir, my hat is off to you, to be able to shake off your hard start in life , and decide to reach into yourself and express yourself thru your talents..... a little like Kitty, I would say. Certainly looking forward to your next book, I hope it takes place in the Southwest, so we can read and review it on our blog. Keep on Keep on writing. In the beginning of the book there were a few grammar errors, but I certainly quickly forgot about them after I got into the plot of the book.

-- Irene J.

J Jennings Melton (Author)

J. Jennings Melton was born in South Bend, the county of St. Joseph Indiana, in 1979. He lived, as a child, in Texas, Northern Indiana and Tennessee. Raised by a drug-addicted father, he would spend many of his teen years incarcerated. It was in juvenile and penal institutions where he developed a love for literature and a passion for writing. Upon release, the author enrolled in college while on parole in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Brindle is the first of many works to come. Look forward to my new book “Love Letters and Lugers”, is the story of one man’s undying devotion and more powerful than the human heart seems capable of.

This is the story of how miracles can happen, of how love conquers all. This is the story of … “The Brindle”.

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