The C Word by Susan Chappelle

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Book Description:

From the outside looking in, life as the travel assistant to the CEO of a luxury cruise line might seem exciting. But when the boss and his mistress are embezzling, the owner is laundering and the company lawyer is working a Ponzi scheme to the tune of millions… things can be… complicated. Skye Campbell finds her loyalties stretched between protecting her hard working colleagues and keeping her job (and sanity) when she discovers that things are not exactly what they seem. Written by an industry insider and based on some events that might have actually happened, this satirical look at life, love and crime in the world of cruising asks the question: Is it a crime for one criminal to dupe another?
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“A fun read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Cindy in VA

While it definitely shines a light on unknown cruise line practices, this was a fun read. Nasty villains and unexpected heroes make it a page turner.

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