Failure was not a word she would accept.
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I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys escaping into the unknown via an action packed book. Captain Jeri Alger has an opportunity of her life when she is assigned to the brand new, untested spaceship Achilles. Her assignment is equally challenging when she discovers theft among her crew, learns one of her passengers is an international outlaw, and she and her crew must rescue the captured children of murdered colonists on an unknown planet. Then there is the handsome Veld shape shifting warrior Commander Silva and a bossy know-it-all AI to complicate her mission. A mission that was never meant to succeed. Read and enjoy this fast moving story suitable for teens as well as young adults.

-- Kindle Customer
Book Description:

Jeri is proud to be the Captain of a new spaceship until she finds her first assignment includes a very handsome shape shifter, lots of rescued children and hidden terrors within her vessel.

It took Captain Jerilind Alger with a loyal crew and a handsome and rare shape shifter to understand that their first assignment on an untried newly designed spaceship was meant to fail. Someone misunderstood Jeri and her people with their determination as they fought against pirates, pulled stranded Marines from a spinning shuttle, examine ancient alien articles and rescue kidnapped children. With her strong people backing her, Jeri found ways to repair and change the new ship to bring it up to standards that surpassed any that the Navy had in the deep dark of space, while they completed a project that was meant to fail. Failure was not a word she would accept.

M. Garnet (Author)
Muriel G. Yantiss writes under the pen name M. Garnet. Her time owning an International Business gave her a hard view of life but her farm family in Kentucky left her with a great humor to enjoy everything, bad and good. Writing has allowed her to put all of these observations down and share with others, lacing each story with true facts. Living now in Florida with her Daughter and Son-in-law, a dog, two cats and a Quaker Parrot she still ends most letters with – life is good. She has many books published so look for her other titles.
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