The Catskinner

“There is real craft here and a rare ability to build #mood and tension”
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Book Description:

The CATSKINNER: a pulsating faction novel
“A can’t put down .. must read work”
“A page-turner of an adventure story”
“There is real craft here and a rare ability to build #mood and tension”
“Assured quality writing”
“Bizarre killings, political uncertainty”
“History and excitement”
“A can’t put down .. must read work”
“… on a par with Ken Follett … highly recommended.”

June 30, 1997
The date is forever fixed in the memory of Hong Kong people.
It was on that singular Monday that Britain handed the Crown Colony over to the People’s Republic of China.
The decision-making process leading to the change of sovereignty was often referred to as the Three Legged Stool.
But serious doubts were expressed and in 1987, with only a decade remaining before the world as Hong Kong people knew it was to change, a fourth leg appeared.
Instead of ensuring stability it posed a unique danger to the lives of five and a half million local inhabitants and set in train a series of devastating events which threatened to unleash global chaos.
Could what is written in The Catskinner really have happened?
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About the Author ▸ rc heydn

rc heydn is the penname of Ross Clarke, author of Keepers of The Deep, The Feathers, The Jade Buddha, TheGoodReadWipe. The Catskinner, The RCHEYDN Crime Omnibus
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