41Mj90pZ2FL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Life for Alyson was that of a normal teenager, until her mother dies in a horrible car crash during their yearly camping trip. In the aftermath, Alyson finds out that her father, Evan, is not the man she had once known him to be; he is the King of the Oak Circle from the druid Otherworld. In his grief fueled rage, he decides to bring his wife back from the dead and raise an army of dead druids to destroy the Earth realm. Alyson must unleash her druid talent if she is going to journey to the Otherworld to save her father from his insane mission. But, she can’t do it alone.

A prisoner all of his life for the wrong-doings his mother committed, Gareth has had to obey the orders of just about everyone around him. Being cast from the group on their quest, Gareth must find a way to survive on his own. In doing so, he finds the man he was born to be. Gareth must break the chains binding him to the sins of the past and stand tall against the evil Evan is about to release.

The pain and guilt of her actions have left Yvonne unable to forgive herself, leaving her trapped in the past. When told the story of Evan’s plans, Yvonne fights to shed the invisible restrains of her prison to join the adventure to save the Earth Realm. She may not have had the foresight to save her own soul, but she might have time to save Evan’s.

These three druids have to solve riddles, battle a fire breathing dragon, outwit trolls with razor sharp teeth and much more. But, will they be enough to challenge the druid King of the Oak Circle and protect the Earth Realm from total annihilation?

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About the Author

I am Maegyn Anders; a 30-something, single mother of four kiddos, lover of all things bacon related, sleep loving woman who happens to write.  I was born in Pozzuoli, Italy and grew up in Florida.  I now live in Colorado with my children.

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