Accurate and engaging ACTION & ADVENTURE 89 years AFTER the world goes all to hell. The life and times of Jedidiah Reuel in… THE SURVIVAL APOCALYPSE!

In the Survival Apocalypse Series second book, The Choccolocco Valley, we find that Jed (Spoiler Alert) did indeed reach safety in the Choccolocco Valley, such as it is.

That being said, he lands right in the middle of a war. How it comes about and what part he plays in it will be revealed in delightful and deadly ways.

We’ll also begin to learn what makes the Valley tick. Why it is an oasis in a scary and dangerous world. And keep in mind that even though the main player Jed is but a lad, this is not a book of juvenile fiction.

In “The Choccolocco Valley” you will be introduced to a whole new cast of characters.

Some of them long running in the series. Some not so long. To date no cast member has ever died from natural causes

As the year 89 slides toward the year 90 there are interesting times ahead for Jed and the inhabitants of The Choccolocco Valley. As always, told with as much foresight and accuracy as possible. The Choccolocco Valley is a REAL place.

Do you think you could survive in THE SURVIVAL APOCALPYSE? Well, do ya? Walk a mile in Jed’s moccasins in THE CHOCCOLOCCO VALLEY and let’s find out!

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