The people in West Monterey, Pennsylvania are living close to God and the church is the center of their lives, but some mysteries and misunderstands need unraveled before Christmas arrives. Aunt Maude, the problem solver, is almost overwhelmed by the problems in town. Honest Clyde Barber, the storekeeper, is raising his two daughters, and running his business by himself. The whole town tries to avoid Sam and Betty Dunkle, because of their constant complaining, and Pastor Taylor and Sandra Spencer, the new school teacher, takes over all the planning for the Christmas activity this year, which irritates everyone. When Pastor announces there will be a big surprise at the annual Christmas supper and changes the date from the eighteenth to the twenty-third, the whole town starts trying to guess what the surprise will be, but will they succeed or will they need to wait until the twenty-third. Last, but not least, everyone is worried that the pond won’t freeze over, and the annual ice-skating party held on Christmas Eve afternoon will be canceled.
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If you need a good read that will have you at the edge of …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Alana

This book is marvelous! Couldn’t put it down! Takes you back to a simply yet lovely time period. If you need a good read that will have you at the edge of your seat, this is the one!

From the Author

I was born in the little town of West Monterey, the same town I write about in THE NETTIE SERIES. I became interested in writing when my granddaughter asked me “How did we find out about Jesus? I started writing as a hobby and wrote ‘Punkey Hollow’ which tells my family’s history and answered her question. I thank my grandmother, mother, and aunts for all the interesting stories they told me through the years.

I live in a town north of Pittsburgh and writing became a hobby, after I wrote the first book. I read constantly, looking for new ideas, and joined a wonderful writers group; they have given me advice and encouragement. Through the years I’ve been involved with bible studies and a local chapter of Christian Women’s Club.

I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them and reminiscing to myself.
God Bless You.

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