A beautiful Federation Enforcer desired by two men… and hunted by a monster

When a young girl sees her beloved father murdered before her eyes by a nightmarish monster, she resolves to follow in his footsteps, fighting evil across the galaxies. She finds herself on an odyssey, torn between her feelings for two very different men. And all the while, she is hunted by the monster who creeps ever closer. Who will she choose as her consort? And who will win…the Enforcer or The Overseer?

Lennox Red Wolefi’saunti always knew what she would be when she grew up–an officer of the Federation InterUniversal Galaxy Sector 1, a peacekeeper an Enforcer. And so far, she has not only followed in her beloved father’s footsteps, she has surpassed him. She’s now the one they call to solve the unsolvable crimes, a decorated officer with numerous criminal bounties on her head.

Her partner Jax has her back–and if her AI companion would back off, he’d like to have a lot more. Somehow Jax always finds himself at arms-length from the woman he loves. But when Lennox is kidnapped by Gat’lin, and brain-washed into believing she is his, Jax must use every weapon he has to fight for her.

Gat’lin of Prime House, Ruler of the Barauk’nau’te Sector, wants Lennox with every fiber of his being. He knows she is the one female for him. If only he can keep her safe at his side. For something, or someone is hunting her. Something that wants death and destruction at any cost. He and Jax must find a way to work together if they are to keep her safe… from The Overseer.
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About the Author

N. R. Wolfe – American author of the SciFi Thriller series The Chronicles of Lennox. Her novels consist of fantasy, erotic romance, as well as horror elements. Wolfe is a lover of all things science fiction and has a genuine Trekkie heart. She is a connoisseur and collector of various genres of books and a prideful upbringing in the world of comics. Wolfe’s fascination and deep connection to astronomy have molded her into the author that she is. With an advanced educational background in International Business and Global Technology Management, she has excelled professionally with government and private sectors in the corporate arena. However, it is her true passion for science fiction writing which has elevated her to become a compelling author.  Her inspirations are birthed from life and music. Wolfe is a weaver of fantastical worlds and characters who will always leave her readers reeling and demanding more.

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