The Chronicles of Saxon and Miranda

by – Rose Douglas (Author)

Book 1 Castle in the Clouds

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Book Description:

When Miranda Montgomery found the courage to come back to her home town and make a new start, she did not expect the long legged Saxon Haig to charge into her yard and snatch the paintbrush out of her hand. Was this a madman? Or would he change her life forever and reunite her with her old friends?
Saxon the antique and curio dealer for England saved the chairs from desecration but discovered a woman like no other. He did not find her connection to the spirit world weird and her friends had all been used to that for a very long time.
The antiques lead to mysteries, dead bodies, fancy ice cream and a lovely supply of fascinating characters. Would it also lead to romance or was there something that he was keeping to himself? The story is a little bit spooky, a little bit funny and pretty romantic. Will it lead to happy ever after and more adventures with their friends?