The Cobbler’s Daughter

The villain of the piece haunts The Cobbler’s Daughter from beginning to end.

Three generations of people from both ends of the spectrum of humanity are affected by the conflict of world war. Beneath this lurks a predator who exploits the disruption of the normal mores of village life.
Two soldiers return from ‘The Front’, one of whom attempts to make the best of a post-war life despite crippling wounds. The other will never adapt to civilian society having an inherent need for military discipline to control an underlying psychosis.
A war widow unwillingly accepts life as a pensioner but will seize any opportunity to strike a blow for her dead father and for women too long beaten-down by their ‘betters’.
Estate owners, ‘the toffs’ or gentry, who have lost their heirs to the conflict become desperate in a search to preserve and prolong their hold on their fiefdom.
The villain of the piece haunts The Cobbler’s Daughter from beginning to end.