When we celebrate communion, is there a connection with anyone or anything? How do we connect? The body of Christ is often spoken as being connected, often like how the human body works. How many times do we go through the motions and not feeling a connection to anything? With Christian communion is much to discover.

In the Communion Connection, you will experience from being a friend to Jesus to the completion of your Faith. You will come away with a new perspective on many different avenues of Connecting the Jesus and one another.
My point for this book is to keep communion uncomplicated, simple and complete. Communion is about fellowship and connecting with Jesus and one another. The most notable aspect of partaking communion is the premise of this book. The elements of the bread and cup are symbolic, nothing more.
Within the chapters are aspects of why and how we partake of this tender and loving celebration. For the Lord Jesus, it was just that. It was an emotional moment with “His friends” as the last day of fellowship prior to the Crucifixion.
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I recommend this book for anyone who is seeking a deeper …”

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The Communion Connection Relating to Jesus and One Another explores God’s purpose and the biblical significance of Communion in an interesting and organized manner. After reading this book I have a clearer understanding of the many privileges and benefits that Communion offers. It is a “love gift” from God that we can celebrate and share with Him. I recommend this book for anyone who is seeking a deeper look into the Communion Connection!

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Former Pastor for 25yrs Author WHAT THE CHURCH FORGOT TO REMEMBER, Husband to Rosalma, Dad & Grandpa & 2nd book,THE COMMUNION CONNECTION.

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